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Meet WSG Homes and Properties – Your Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana Real Estate Experts! This incredible team ranks among the Top 1% of Realtors across the country. They achieve success through their passion for people. Being relationship focused, this team just moves differently. They come from contribution in everything they do. As a matter of fact, you’ll find them constantly giving back in some way!


What’s equally exciting about WSG homes and Properties is that they bring over 38 years of experience WOW’ing clients and helping them building wealth one home, one property at a time. WSG is all about connecting people and properties with passion and purpose! Not to mention, they focus on hlpeing people build generational wealth through real estate. Wealth creates opportunities to give more. Forget what you know about real estate, these folks are changing the entire landscape one client at a time. Come experience the difference with them!


With over 100,000 luxury homes through the nation, WSG Homes and Properties’ is one-of-a-kind in its commitment to some of the most exclusive communities. Focusing on highly sought after residential properties throughout the country, and helping our clients build wealth, our goal is to provide the most efficient way to search through exceptional properties around the United States and beyond. Our company consists of 150 leading luxury agents around the nation that are continually trained in upcoming real estate guidelines, offering you an experience that is top-notch in regards to the home-buying market as they are experts in their field. And when your property needs to be marketed nationwide, this team steps up! They have a complete grasp of knowledge of the worldwide real estate market. Unwavering customer satisfaction truly elevates this unique team into a league of its own. It has set the standard and is ranked top 1% of all agents in the nation when it comes to dedication, tenacity and team work.


Real estate is a luxury. You deserve the top shelf experience. You also deserve the top specialists in their field to deliver a 5 star experience. Put this team, their connections, their top talents and resources to work alongside you to achieve your success in building wealth in real estate.